• krustapseudicals in Does Dark Matter?

    I will be cooking and serving krustapseudicals, edible crystalline morsels of cosmetic materials that purport to freeze their consumers in time, as part of the exhibition Does Dark Matter? on October 6th 2012 at 29 New Inn Yard EC2A 3EY in London, curated by cosmicmegabrain (details below).

    Krustapseudicals are crystallizations of beauty advice found in magazines. They contain materials (vitamins, herbs, proteins and small edible amounts of ointments for skin and products for dental care) that are advertised as offering bodily temporal freeze - the delay or reversal of wrinkles, the 'repair' of worn hair, or a return to the luminescent skin and teeth of the young. These ingredients are formed into crystals, those prime symbols of the inorganic, a realm to which mortality and aging is unknown. This embodiment of escape from the tribulations of being part of the organic world, will be, like a vitamin or nutricosmetic, ingested by visitors.

    The krustapseudical takes its prefix from the Greek krustallos, for ice (which also lends its name to 'crystal'), while its latter half invokes the idea of ingestion for healing purposes. In particular, it references the new trend for cosmetic pharmaceuticals, or 'cosmeceuticals', and their sister product, 'nutricosmetics', pills (marketed by brands which previously only sold products like soap or skin creams), which claim to beautify the skin through internal use.



    Science. What can’t it do? Ever since its discovery, earlier this year at the T.R.I.A.L.* centre, speculation as to the implications of such a significant find has rocketed.

    The elusive science particle

    Leading figures at T.R.I.A.L. have announced that they are now only 1% uncertain that they have discovered something which very possibly could be the elusive science particle, first theorised as a possibility by leading hypotheticians. Rumours of its potential abound and vary wildly, from claims that it may heal computers, to suggestions that it may be able to banish the darkness of night. Other evidence points to it being the lego-like building blocks of everything, ever.

    None of this can be proven, of course, until experts have found a way to condense the science particle, so that it can be contained.

    In an unprecedented public presentation, T.R.I.A.L. will bring together international experts from relevant disciplines to lift the veil of bewilderment that shrouds the uninitiated. On display for the first time in history, the practitioners of the arcane new art form known as ‘Sciencism’ will re-enact the rituals that artists claim have the power to summon science. By methodical scrutiny of the evidence field they hope to unlock such mysteries as ‘ Why does “down” hurt?’ and ‘Why is every day the same, but different?” and perhaps most perplexingly ‘Does dark matter?’

    * T.R.I.A.L. is a testing ground for socio-phenomenological experiments, realised in collaboration with a broad range of specialists. By engineering spheres of engagement designed to demonstrate the effects on humanity of life’s numerous challenges, we intend to examine the forces that shape our behaviour and fundamentally forge our future. Our mission is to assemble and galvanise those who strive to understand and utilize these forces, to leverage the power of collective perceptions in an attempt to solve the bafflements of the cosmos.


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